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About Chione Gould Licensed Massage Therapist

Chione Graduated from Sister Rosalind's School of Professional Massage in 2001, and recieved her license the following spring of 2002.  Chione Gould LMT has worked with chiropractors and other massage therapists.  Out of all the years of experience Chione has worked through, relaxation massage and stress relief are her greatest gifts.  Chione has a grounded, warm, and peaceful presence the moment you meet her.

Chione believes that massage is only one part of taking care of the body.  She knows it takes alot to keep running optimally, rest and relaxation, excercise, play time and creativity, spiritual and emotional well being, whole foods, and a sense of community.  All of these are important, and as you get to visit with Chione, you will easily recognize how important you are, and how much she cares for her clients. 

Why I do what I do. With over a decade of experience, she has noticed, people have been stretched thin.  We don't eat well, we rush, we worry.  Trying to balance everything frankly, feels like a juggling act, and it leaves people feeling exausted before they're even out of bed in the morning.  This is a pattern that can be improved by investing in our own well being.

Chione Gould loves to cook, she loves to garden, (her Tower Garden is so fun) she plants flowers, and decorates rooms for an amazing atmospere you can really relax in.  She loves to dance, bike, fish, and go camping with her husband Gerald of 17 years.  She is very warm and social, and loves to volunteer and help in her community.  Chione is active in her church, taking part in adult Bible Study and children's music.   Life really is amazing and FUN.

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