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Services and Rates

What Does Quiet Moments Thera-Massage Do?

Quiet Moments Thera-Massage offers a relaxing element to any workspace, with therapeutic benefits for clients. Stress relief is the core focus here. 

Chair massage and meeting with the public is what Chione loves.  The effects on staff morale, and attitude is huge when you introduce the benefits of chair massage to your office.  PLUS +  it's fun!

For Corporations,  Chione Gould LMT offers Chair Massages,  where this wonderful benefit can be provided for your company at affordable rates.

**Services are Ideal for small groups.  8-12-16 people in a day.  (4 HOURS MAXIMUM) 

*Not in a corporation but would love to hire Chione?   Small groups, or any small office can pay individually for Chione's time.  $1 per minute.  Typical time spent is 15-20 mins per person.  Each person can pay for their own session.  This is great for groups of 3-8 or 10-12 people.

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**All requests will be considered.  Email scams are common, and any questionable event will be refused.  Quiet Moments Thera-Massage will not tolerate scams, or sexual situations or advances, or requests by any client. You will be reported to local authorities.






Chair Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Chair Massage$1 / 1 minute
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