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Have you heard?


When I was in school, they didn't do screenings for scoliosis, so mine wasn't discovered until I was in college. It was so far advanced at that point that my doctors advised me to live my life and not come back until the pain was unbearable. It became so about ten years ago.
The orthopedist decided that I would be helped by a back brace, so I presented myself for the casting procedure. The technician was looking at my x-rays when I got there, and guessed that his next patient was a woman in her nineties who was confined to a wheelchair. He was off by forty years, and I walked in under my own power.
My spine has not improved, but my quality of life has. I self-referred for physical therapy, and see Chione (massage therapist) and my chiropractor on alternate weeks. Chione is able to work out whatever kinks are left after the adjustments and stretching. She is quite often horrified by what she finds, but has gotten me through many rough spots. It isn't always perfect, but it's always better than when I came in. She truly has magic fingers.
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